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Inclusion Programme

Scintillating smile. Speaks volumes...

We all have special needs, attributes and even conditions. Some of us, however, may require an extra bit of affection and care from our educators to help us cope with these special conditions. The school believes in inclusion of these special kids in the main stream, to let them feel grow and learn just like every body else.


Special care is taken to employ innovative playway methods, at all levels, to de-stress the process of education to suit their level of receptivity. Though they are a part of main stream, special activities are planned for them to uplift their potential and infuse a sense of confidence that will stay with them for life. With IEP (Individual Education Programme), these students enjoy the benefit of specialized attention as per their potential. Regular interaction with their parents, counseling and a little gesture that says ‘we are there for you’, goes a long way in helping these special children. These kids make friends, interact, study and slowly come to grips with their own potential which would have other wise remained concealed somewhere.